GreenRack is a cloud service that allows you to quickly and easily publish documents for access from a mobile device regardless of platform: Android, Apple iOS, BlackBerry or Windows Phone. Documents may include forms, brochures, audio or video content, web pages and web applications.

These documents can then be accessed through GreenRackā€™s information concierge, which is launched by scanning a QR Code or tapping an NFC tag. GreenRack automatically targets information to end-users based on their language, device, and date.

Enhance an Existing Physical Documents Rack

  • Upload the documents to GreenRack.
  • Generate QR Codes or NFC tags for the digital documents.
  • Add the QR Codes or NFC tags to the existing physical rack.

Define a Virtual Documents Rack

  • Upload the documents to the GreenRack Service.
  • Assign them to a virtual rack.
  • Present the virtual rack through a Digital Sign or at a Kiosk.

Add an Augmented Reality Layer

  • Geo-tag your GreenRack documents.
  • Organize them into a virtual world.
  • Enable Augmundo extensions to publish to all major AR Browsers.